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Dog food coupons? I’ll vouc-her for that!

If you have a dog, you know what love is: a lifelong companion and unconditional friendship. As a dog owner, you know it can be expensive providing your dog with the best quality life possible.  From vet bills to food, the cost can definitely add up as you provide the best...

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5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Second Dog

The decision to add a new addition to your family is always a big choice. Although you may be excited about the possibility of getting a second dog, it is important to first understand if it is right for your current situation. Many people choose to get a second dog before...

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Sleepy Paws featured on Bark Soup!

Last night, the Sleepy Paws Pet Care licensing program, was featured on the current events segment of Bark Soup, hosted by Joshua Cary of Petsittingology and Bella Vasta of Jump Consulting.  In addition to hosting the show, Josh and Bella also have their own successful pet...

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Train Your Puppy Right from the Start

When deciding on a family pet, many families decide on choosing a dog and why not? Dogs are fun, comforting companions and often will bond and grow with a family. Many who decide on getting a puppy as a pet do not realize how much of a responsibility and work it is to...

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Top Tips for Pet Proofing Your Home

Don't Let Your Furry Friends Ruin Your Home Most people love pets but find that unless proper precautions are taken, those same loved pets can destroy doors, décor and furnishings in the home. If you have pets then you need to find ways of limiting the damage that they...

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