5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Second Dog

by Dave

The decision to add a new addition to your family is always a big choice. Although you may be excited about the possibility of getting a second dog, it is important to first understand if it is right for your current situation. Many people choose to get a second dog before figuring out if it is right for their current situation, if they can afford a second dog and if they have time for exercise and training. Sadly, in many situations when consideration is not put into the thought of getting a second dog, the owners come to realise that they can no longer take care of their second pet. The following are just a few things to consider before getting your second dog, to make sure that it is the right decision for you.

Can you Afford a Second Dog?

Having another mouth to feed in the home can put strain on anyone’s budget. Before deciding to get a second dog, ensure that your budget will cover not only your pets’ food, but also costs of dog training, vaccinations, regular worming and unexpected veterinary bills. The costs of owning a pet can be quite substantial and so it is important to decide whether or not your budget can handle the extra costs of having a second dog.

Will you be able to Provide Adequate Care?

Dependant on the dog breed you are wanting, most dogs require daily care and exercise. Exercise times for dogs can vary from minimal exercise, right through to 1-2 hours per day for more active dogs. When making the decision to get a second dog, be sure to consider your current schedule and if you would have the time to provide your dog with the exercise it needs to be healthy.

Is your Home big enough for another Family Member?

Sure, right now you have a large back yard for your dog to run around in, but add a second dog and the space seems to dwindle rapidly. When choosing to get a second dog, make sure that your home and yard is large enough for both your current dog and your new addition.

Will getting a Second Dog upset my First Dog?

Some breeds of dogs are known to be incredibly territorial and protective of their owners. When introducing a new dog to your household it is important to know whether or not your current dog will be accepting of this, or become aggressive. As a pet owner, you know your dog the best, so just be sure to consider the facts and decide whether or not your dog is ready for a new friend in their territory.

Decide whether you want to get a Puppy or a Mature Dog

It is important to understand that introducing a puppy into your family when your current dog is more mature, may not be a viable situation. Introducing a boisterous puppy into the home of an elderly dog often won’t work. When making the decision to get a second dog, always consider the option of getting an age appropriate dog to suit your current household.

Trent is a local dog trainer and RSPCA volunteer from Sydney, Australia. He started his dog training school 21 years ago and had only three clients. He is now the most popular trainer in Sydney and has more than 100 clients at any given time.  

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