Downingtown Pet Sitting

In-home pet care

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Pet Sitting Rates

Our pet sitting services start at $25 per visit and include:

  • Feeding your pets their regular meals and treats
  • Refilling water bowls
  • Administering medications
  • Taking dogs for walks and bathroom breaks
  • Playtime and affection
  • Scooping litter boxes
  • Picking up poop in the yard
  • Bringing in mail and packages
  • Taking out trash on collection days
  • Watering plants
  • Turning lights on/off

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Why hire Sleepy Paws?

Yorkie plays with her Downingtown pet sitter

If you’re going on a weekend trip or a long vacation, having Sleepy Paws Pet Care take care of your fur baby has lots of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety – Dogs are able to stay in their familiar home environment which is less stressful than relocating to a kennel or boarding facility.
  • Consistency in routine – In-home sitters can follow the dog’s normal feeding, walking, playtime, etc routine which provides stability.
  • More attention and affection – Sitters are there to exclusively care for the pets and can provide more one-on-one playtime, cuddles, etc.
  • Customized care – Sitters can cater to each dog’s unique needs, preferences and quirks.
  • Health monitoring – Sitters may pick up on emerging health issues sooner than in a crowded kennel environment.
  • Exercise and yard time – Dogs get outdoor playtime and walks tailored to their energy levels.
  • Medication administration – Sitters can seamlessly give medications as directed.
  • Peace of mind – Pet parents get updates and photos so they don’t worry while away.
  • Avoidance of kennel stress – Some dogs get very anxious in kennels away from home. Check out more benefits of of pet sitting vs. boarding.

Overall, in-home pet sitting provides a safe, low-stress environment where your pets can thrive in their normal routine with plenty of love and attention.

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