Train Your Puppy Right from the Start

by Dave

When deciding on a family pet, many families decide on choosing a dog and why not? Dogs are fun, comforting companions and often will bond and grow with a family. Many who decide on getting a puppy as a pet do not realize how much of a responsibility and work it is to puppy train to work with your family.

Why Puppy Train?

Puppies do not know what is expected of them unless they are trained. They do not know it is impolite to pee on the floor. Since the puppy’s only experience with life is with his litter, he does not know much. That is why it is up to the families that choose puppies as a pet to teach or guide the puppy to a beneficial co-existence. Puppy training is best begun as soon as you get a puppy.

The best way to get your puppy acclimated to the family is to first potty train him. Puppies generally are growing and developing fast and will eat more food and eliminate constantly because they have not developed bladder or bowel control.

Puppy training is a lot like having a young rambunctious child who needs time and patience. Never talk loud or scold when puppy training and always pay attention when the puppy does what you want him to do by giving him a treat and a pet.

With potty training, it can take puppies up to six months or more to become fully housebroken. If the puppy is sleeping in the house and not in a bed or crate, someone should be watching constantly so you know what he is doing.

Feed the puppy on a regular schedule because what goes in regularly––will come out regularly. Do not leave food out for the puppy unless advised to do so by a vet for medical reasons, but always keep a water bowl filled.

One of the best ways to begin potty training a puppy is to leave him to a room on his own such as a bathroom or enclosed exercise pen, especially when you will be gone all day. Place newspapers all around the room or commercial wee pads. Ensure the puppy has enough toys to play with.

Because a puppy has little control over his bladder and bowels, when you are home, provide fast transportation for him when potty training by picking him up and taking him to the bathroom place, usually outside. This is a good way of showing him where his bathroom is. Although it is virtually impossible to tell when your puppy might want to ‘go’, take him to the bathroom area as soon as he wakes, after he his finished eating and after excited play. Generally try for every 45 minutes at first. Puppy will soon get the idea.

This way the puppy will develop a type of ‘den instinct’ and learn that he does not eliminate in his den. With a little due diligence on the family, your puppy will grow into the loving companion and friend you wanted him to be.

Puppy trainings can be challenging, but the rewards are priceless. Let your puppies be trained by Bark Busters in Home Dog Training Toronto, ON (416) 988-3169 +1 866-418-4584. Dog trainings Calgary experts are also available.

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