Pet Waste Removal

Poop scooping service

2 dogs playing outside
Keep your yard clean with Sleepy Paws Pet Care’s poop scooping service! Our team will come to your home on a regular schedule to scour your yard and completely remove all dog waste.

What’s included:

  • Checking all areas dogs have access to
  • Picking up all dog feces from the yard
  • Double checking for any missed piles
  • Bagging and sealing waste

Keep your lawn clean for play and your backyard smelling fresh. Our poop scooping service saves you time and hassle. It helps prevent dead grass spots and protects kids and pets from coming in contact with harmful bacteria and parasites found in animal waste.
Sleepy Paws Pet Care handles all the dirty work while you relax. We are licensed, insured, and have excellent references in the Downingtown area.

a dog sitting in the grass


dog and frisbee

One-time clean up: $85 (up to ½ acre)
Initial clean-up with weekly service: $75 (up to ½ acre)
Weekly service: Starting at $19 per visit
Bi-weekly service: Starting at $35 per visit

Contact Sleepy Paws Pet Care today to schedule a free quote! We service residential and commercial properties.

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