Dog food coupons? I’ll vouc-her for that!

by Dave

If you have a dog, you know what love is: a lifelong companion and unconditional friendship. As a dog owner, you know it can be expensive providing your dog with the best quality life possible.  From vet bills to food, the cost can definitely add up as you provide the best care for your dog.  So, how do you give your dog the best without breaking the bank? One of the ways to save money on your dog’s food is by shopping smart and using coupons when you can.  It doesn’t matter what brand dog food your pet prefers, there are probably ways to save if you know where to look.  From Pedigree dog food coupons to pet food rebates, there are tons of ways you can save money while still giving your dog a happy and healthy life.  If you aren’t sure where to start, follow these tips and tricks to save a couple of bucks next time you head to the pet food store:


  • Ask for free samples and coupons.  No one wants to spend more than they have to, so keep your eyes peeled for free samples and coupons at your favorite store or vet’s office.  Many pet food manufacturers want people to become familiar with their brand, so they offer local merchants and vets samples to hand out.  Just ask if you don’t see them.
  • Shop around.  It’s easier to find low-cost dog food than you might think.  Just take a look at the weekly circulars or check local ads.  You may be surprised that stores may offer their own coupons for dog food and other items.
  • Look online for coupons.  Some of the best shopping deals are found on the Internet, and the same can be said about dog food.  Check your Sunday paper for coupons, but don’t forget about the web.  You may just find some printable coupons for your next shopping trip.
  • Sign up for rewards.  If you shop at the same pet store for your dog’s needs, ask if they have a rewards club.  Many pet supply stores offer a rewards club, members of which can receive free bags of food and other goodies from time to time.  Mostly these clubs are free to join.
  • Buy in bulk.  The larger the bag, the less you’ll be paying per serving.  Remember to compare unit prices and take home the best deal.  Even better: if you don’t want to have to deal with hauling a huge bag of kibble, find a website that offers free shipping and shop there.


While this is not an exhaustive list of the ways in which you can save money on your dog’s food, it is a good start.  But remember, just because something is less expensive doesn’t mean it’s better.  Keep that in mind as you shop around for the best deal – because you also don’t want to scrimp on quality.  Keep these tips in mind when finding the best food for your pooch:


  • Read the label.  All pet food must have ingredient and analysis labels so that consumers know what they’re buying.  If the label isn’t easy to understand, don’t buy it.
  • Don’t buy only treats.  Snacks and treats are great for once in a while, but they don’t provide your dog with all the nutrients he or she needs.  Make sure you use these only as a supplement and not the main meal.
  • Check the packaging.  Would you eat food from a package that has been damaged or compromised?  No, you wouldn’t.  So don’t buy such packages for your dog.  Keep in mind that pet food expires, too.  Check the date.



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