Consider Pet Choices Carefully

by Dave

When considering a new pet for you and your family it is imperative to not take such change lightly. No matter how much joy a pet can bring, it will also cause disruption to daily routines that you and your family have devised. An impulse purchase or adoption can leave you with added responsibilities that you may not ultimately be willing, or able, to take on. And some pets that start out lovable and cute can sometimes turn mean and deadly with time. So before running out to bring a new living addition to your home, first do the following…

Conduct Research

This can not be overemphasized. All families have different needs, living arrangements and lifestyles. One size most assuredly does not fit all when it comes to adopting a new pet. Do you live in a small apartment? If so then a huge dog that barks incessantly is not a good choice. Once you decide on the type of animal you’d like, be it feline, canine, reptile… then look into the type of personality traits each breed has. Also account for family allergies, if any. And be sure to learn how the young pet will one day grow and age. That cute Mastiff puppy can eventually grow to be 200 pounds or more!

Don’t Believe the Hype

One big mistake that people make is to fall for animals featured on television or in films. The film “101 Dalmatians” saw a slew of the spotted pups becoming adopted and then sadly being taken to shelters because the pet owners had not looked into the personality and temperament of the breed. Another pet that requires serious consideration is the Burmese Python. One of the 6 largest snakes in the world, this snake can range in length from between 12 and 19 feet. Many pet owners soon find themselves overwhelmed, so make the unfortunate decision to irresponsibly release these creatures into the wild. Such carelessness has resulted in an epidemic of python overpopulation in the Florida Everglades. So please, before considering a pet, learn all that you can in order to make the appropriate choice for you and your family.

Choose a Caretaker

When considering a pet also be sure to choose a particular caretaker to have the ultimate responsibility for the animal. If not clearly discussed among the family you could find your new pet being drastically overfed or not at all. It’s also imperative that someone keeps up with the pet’s cage, tank, bedding, etc.

A new pet can be a wonderful addition to your family. It can also cause major disruption and wreak havoc on the peace and contentment of your home. In order to make pet ownership a joyful thing first take some time to define your wants and needs, and how much responsibility you’re truly willing to take. Then find the dream pet your whole family will love.

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