Why You Should Hire A Professional Pet Sitter

by Dave

If you have booked your vacation plans, no doubt you are thinking about how your pet will be taken care of while you are gone.  A while back, we had posted some good reasons to hire a pet sitter. However, there is a difference between hiring the teenage kid next door and a professional pet sitter. See this post below from a fellow pet sitter, Paws Pet Care in Louisville, KY (no affiliation to our company, Sleepy Paws Pet Care).

Someone who is skeptical might say, “Well that can happen with anyone.” Although that may be true, do you want to take that chance with your fur babies? That being said, why should you hire a professional pet sitter?

Your pets are our priority– Our sitters primary responsibility is to ensure your pets are taken care of. Although they may be very nice, can you say the same about your neighbor’s kid? I was 16 once and did not have the same work ethic as I do today.

This is all we do– While they have lives outside of pet sitting, our sitters plan them around their pet sits, not the other way around. In most cases, the same can not be said for someone who is “doing you a favor”. Our professional pet sitters are are also experienced in dealing with different types of pets, administering medications and knowing when something may be wrong with your pet. These are things that someone who does not care for pets professionally may not have experience with.

We are insured and bonded– This is one of the first questions we are asked when we talk to clients on the phone or in person. If something happens to your possessions while you are away, we have insurance to cover anything that may be our fault (not that we have ever had to file a claim). We do that to give you, the client, peace of mind.

We are available anytime– You can reach us in the office or via email 24 hours a day. Even if we don’t answer, we do get back in a timely manner. We also can leave you updates while you are away via text or email. We also leave reports which let you know how your pets were while you were gone.

If you can’t say these things about the teenager that you may be thinking about watching your pet, then you need to give us a call today at 888-485-PAWS.  And if you can say that about them, have them call us because we are always looking for friendly, caring people to care for your pets for our Exton and Downingtown locations!

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