Did you know that Sleepy Paws takes credit cards?

by Dave

credit cards

That’s right, we now accept all major credit cards and debit cards* for all pet sitting and daily dog walking services with no additional fees.  If you want to pay with your credit card, just log in to your account and add your credit card.  Some of the advantages include:

You pay for services after they are rendered, not before.  Our policy is that clients that pay with cash and check prepay for all scheduled visits.  While this typically isn’t a problem for vacation clients, daily dog walking clients may have situations where visits get cancelled, such as the snowstorms that have plagued us this past winter.  When this happens, we have to credit future visits.  When you use your credit card or debit card, we only charge for the actual visits that we did.

No more writing checks!  How much of a hassle is it for you to write checks?  Personally, I’m lucky if I can even find my checkbook!   You also don’t have to worry about waiting for the check to clear the bank; when paying with a credit or debit card, the payment is processed promptly.  We can’t promise that you still won’t have to balance your checkbook, but it will be one less check to worry about.  For daily dog walking clients, payments are processed weekly.

No cash?  No problem!  I almost never carry cash, so anytime I have to pay for something in cash it’s a hassle going to the ATM to get some.  If you’re like me, then paying with your credit or debit card is much more convenient.

Once and done.  For those of you that are repeat clients, you only need to provide your credit card one time instead of writing checks every time we visit.  How convenient is that?

“Ok, I’m sold.  What do I do now?”  It’s easy!  Just log on to your account.  If you have never used our online software to login,  contact us via email or phone and we can help out.  Once you are logged in, adding a credit card is easy, see below:


Click on the Account link.

credit card login page


Click on Supply A Card.

account page






Add your credit card information and click save credit card.

credit card screen








That’s it, you’re all set!  We will now be able to take your payments via credit or debit card.





*must be a Visa/MC branded debit card.



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