Why Hire A Pet Sitter?

by Dave

b and bSo you’re going out of town and you’re trying to figure out what to do with your pets.  Do you board your pets at a kennel, let the neighbors watch them or hire a professional pet sitter?  While every pet adjusts differently to their pet parents leaving, having a Downingtown pet sitter watch your pets may be the perfect option for you.  Here are a few reasons why:


For Your Pets, There’s No Place Like Home.  There is a reason why that is the Sleepy Paws Pet Care slogan; pets are most comfortable in their own surroundings.  At home, your pet will eat the same food they normally eat, sleep in their favorite place every night and get to play in their own yard.  At a boarding facility, they may be crated in a small, confined space.  They are most likely eating a different food that they are used to and may or may not get exercise.  In addition, being exposed to other animals may make them vulnerable to kennel cough, fleas or even animal bites.   Finally, your pet will get personalized attention from our professional pet sitters.  At a boarding facility, your pet is just one of many and likely will not receive the same type of attention.  We have a great comparison of the service you will get from Sleepy Paws and a typical Chester County boarding facility here.

For YOU, There’s No Place Like Home.  So your car is packed with your family and your luggage and now you have to put your pet in the car and drive them to the boarding facility before you leave for vacation.  Is that something you really want to do?  Of course not.  Furthermore, after coming home from vacation, you want to relax; the last thing you want to do is make an additional trip to the boarding facility.  Leave your pet at home and know that they are being well cared for by Sleepy Paws.

You have friends.  Keep it that way.  Your friends may love your pets, but they may have better things to do than watch your pets while you are away.  In addition, if you travel a lot, you can only impose on them so many times before they start getting tired of it.  Our job is to take care of your pets and it’s never an imposition for us!  And do you really want to owe your friends or family a favor anyway?

“Oops, I forgot to make arrangements for the pet!”  It’s OK, we’re here for you.  Did you know many boarding facilities require you to have your pet vaccinated for kennel cough no later than two weeks before your vacation?  This is not only an extra trip to the vet (and extra cost for you), but if you forgot to get it done, you won’t be boarding your pet.  Worse yet, what happens if your friends have plans or the boarding facility is booked?  While we certainly suggest booking as far in advance as possible, we are usually able to accommodate your pets.  Along with the owners of the company, we have several sitters available to care for your pets.

Your home is not left unattended.  Aside from your pet being at home, Sleepy Paws will make sure your home appears lived in while you are gone.  We can turn lights on/off, water your plants, get your mail and draw your curtains.

Don’t worry, be happy.  We know that you love your pets and are concerned about their well-being while you are away.  Sleepy Paws Pet Care can give you text or email updates while you are gone.  We will also leave you a report telling you what happened while you were away.


So what are you waiting for?  Fill out the contact form on the right side of the page or give us a call at (888) 485-PAWS.

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