Getting a New Pet? Be Sure to Consider the Costs!

by Dave

Buying A Pooch

There are a vast range of reasons why people get a dog. It may be as company for someone living alone, a gift and companion for a child growing up or another reason. Unfortunately, many dogs end up in rescue or adoption centres as all too many people don’t do their homework first on the costs of dog care. This is one of the most frequent reasons as to why people end up giving up their pets.

What Does A Dog Really Cost?

Obviously first and foremost are the immediate considerations, which are going to be the pet itself and associated purchases, such as a “dog bed”, kennel, and toys from the pet store in order to ensure you can give a high level of dog care right from the off. Consider where you’re getting the pet from too, as if you’re buying from an article in the newspaper you’re going to want an immediate vet visit, although hopefully the seller takes care of that.

Vet fees and pet insurance are other high costs; however they can kind of go hand in hand. Be sure to check out the most competitive pet insurance deals and pay particular attention to what level of vet fees you’re insured for. In the immediate future, there will be the things such as injections, which will likely also be an on-going cost throughout the dog’s lifetime.

There are certain circumstances in which you can benefit from reduced vet fees and insurance, however it’s best to check with individual companies first.

A Dog Is For Life

We’ve all heard the sad “A dog is for life…….” story, and as a pet owner you really do need to consider whether it’s a purchase of novelty, which will likely wear off in the near future, or whether you’re going to remain fully committed to caring for the dog.

A key consideration which is often overlooked is how the purchase of a dog can impact on things such as a weekly shop. Before getting a pet, have you looked at the cost of dog food, how much the breed you want to get eats and what he will cost on a weekly basis?

As well as the cost, a key aspect of dog care in terms of its behavioural development comes in spending time with the dog, taking it for walks and the like.

These are all important aspects that must be considered carefully before committing to getting a new pet.

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